Mobile Strike War Game Calls For Suave Thinking

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The Mobile Strike is a Massive Member Online War Game that enjoys immense popularity in the gaming arena, and it is evident from it’s current rating of seven plus. The game can be downloaded and played on both the iOS and the Android devices, and there are some complaints about the download time and also the time that it takes to open for playing. Other than this there no major technical issues that gamers report apart from the occasional crash that some face that are more due to the problem of the device than the game. On the whole, the technical part scores well.

The military lookgraphic

Coming to the gameplay proper, the Mobile Strike belongs to the genre of the War Games and has a realistic military appeal to it. This feel is further enhanced by the quality graphics that further enhance the playing experience. What I personally feel is that it is best to play the game on a large screen like that of a Tablet or the bigger mobile screens. This is because the game is all about thebuilding of the military base and multiple installations at your base. There is also the overall picture of the world having several other bases. It is important that you get into the military feel which the game offers to the full.

Scouring for the free resources

There is the proper guidance that the developers provide for those that may not have played games of this type previously. The in-game tutorial explains the use of building the base and how the importance of the different buildings. This was very helpful in understanding which buildings are essential and the first to carry out. Keeping in mind that the basic elements like the stone, iron, oil, food are all part of the base building, I had to look for mobile strike cheats to get them for free. There are of course plenty of ways in which it can be done provided one is willing to spend the time for it.

Not a violent headless game

The game involves a superior strategy implementation,and the game is a mixture of fun while also having to make use of the intellect to a large extent. If you are looking for some savvy machine-guns to pick up and go bang all over the place, this game is certainly not the type. I had to devote a lot of time to think how best my buildings will help me in the case of an attack. For example having enough and more hospital beds ensured that as long as my troops were within the camp, they cannot die.

Meant for the intelligent

The formation of the alliance is the key to the base building and also ensuring that my based is well protected. There is a lot of flexibility in the game concerning the alliance. Initially, the player can join any alliance and then move the base close to a stronger alliance of the friends. But this option is applicable only till the Level 5 after which the mobility is withdrawn. But by this level any player should attain enough power close to 50,000 and have the ability to move ahead on her or his own. A true to lifelike warfare game with plenty to suave thinking and fun building are among the reasons for it’s phenomenal popularity.

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